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About Us

Caledonia Haulers: From Canned Milk to Transportation Leader

Caledonia Haulers has grown from hauling canned milk to dozens of food grade products including dairy products, eggs, juices, water, sweeteners, vegetable and soy oils, yeast, water, liquid smoke, and enzymes. We haul to all 48 states and Canada and have trucks in Florida, New Jersey, and California weekly. We have gone from traveling approximately 19,000 miles a year to over 22 million miles a year. With continued growth, in 2012 our company added a small Midwest terminal in Cedar Rapids, IA. It has 2 full time mechanics and 2 dispatchers as of 2017.


When we started in 1958 our routes averaged 50 miles a day and consisted of 90 cans of milk from 20 different farms.

The History of Caledonia Haulers

With so much to look forward to in the future, we’d love for you to take a step back and look at our past.

Now, our trucks average 70,000 miles (or 3 times around the planet!) EVERY DAY.

Driver Awards

    2020 Lee Edwards of Bells, TN 2019
    2019 Wayne Byrnes of Waukon, IA 1989
    2018 Eric Nierling of Dubuque, IA 2013
    2017 Carey Wick of Gratiot, WI 2007
    2016 Steve Winkel of Ashton, IA 2002
    2015 Jeff King of Livingston,WI 2011
    2014 Dean “Slim” Stennes of Mabel, MN 2001
    2013 & 2011 Bill Hoffman of New Hampton, IA 1998
    2012 Curt Schultz of Waterloo, IA 2007
    2010 Lance Gray of Waukon, IA  
    2009 Tim Brown of Muscoda, WI 2007
    2008 Albert Wickboldt of Winona, MN 2000
    2007, 2004, & 2002 Ray Barker of Spring Grove, MN 1995
    2006 Ken Mark of Waukon, IA 1987
    2005 Joe Noia of Caledonia, MN  
    2003 Chris Lueck of Caledonia, MN 1995
    2001 Robert Wedmann of Decorah, IA  

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