Meet the Caledonia Haulers Team

Dennis - CEODennis Gavin, President / CEO

 Employed Since: January 1978

Dennis has been with Caledonia Haulers since the company’s creation in 1958. His father, Joe Gavin, was one of the original founders of the company. Dennis started working in the shop, moved to driving when he became of age, and then advanced to dispatcher. Dennis became a stockholder in 1985, was promoted to President/CEO in 1995 and is the sole owner as of 2013. Dennis is very hands-on as he is involved with every aspect of the business. He can be found in his office most days and always practices an “open door” policy. Don’t be surprised if you see him in a milk truck or if he shows up to recover one of the broke down trucks. Out of the office, Dennis enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife family and friends, and can often be found out at the farm working or hosting a summer party.


MaryEllen Goetzinger, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Employed Since: October 2017




MarkMark Conniff, Accounting / CFO

Employed Since: March 1993


Mark is another farm boy from the rural area. He has been with Caledonia Haulers accounting department through many personnel changes. He has the important task of overseeing the entire accounting department and personnel. He also helps in bidding freight and working on fuel routing. When away from his desk, Mark works raising beef cattle, coaches youth basketball and loves spending time with his wife, Shannon and their four children.


Susie - SafetySusie Heaney,HR and CDS (Certified Director of Safety)

Employed Since: January 1997

Susie came to Caledonia Haulers with industry experience from being the wife of an owner operator. With an accounting degree and real life skills she took over the safety director position and improved every area. In 2008, she received certification as a Director of Safety. As the advocate for safety, she develops and maintains professional expertise and competence by establishing and implementing the overall safety and company policies. She establishes hiring criteria, orientation training, accident analysis, and incentive program implementation. She complies and completes driver qualification files, personnel files, and required drug and alcohol testing rates. She maintains compliance with FMCSA, DOT, and OSHA, and keeps up with the ever changing Federal and State governmental rules, regulations, and compliance in safety, technology, and in employment laws and record keeping. She also establishes, measures, and monitors costs and procedures for accident investigations and monitors accidents and injuries to identify trends. She is a member of the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI), the Minnesota Trucking Association (MTA) and it’s affiliated Safety Council. Susie is also a proud wife, mother, and grandmother and can be found camping with her family on the weekends all summer long.


passig,lindsayLindsay Passig, Recruting/HR support

Employed Since: 2015


Lindsay brings with her years of experience working with people and we look forward to her friendly and positive attitude.  Lindsay works directly under Susie and handles what remains of our paper logs until we completely transition to elogs. She sits in the recruiting office with Chuck and will also be one of the key points of contacts for all drivers that have questions or concerns. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and other family and friends.


mierau,chuckChuck Mierau, Recruit/Training/ Projects/ H.A.C.C.P Team Leader

Employed Since: 2015


Chuck drove for Caledonia Haulers years ago and has recently returned.  He  brings with him years of experience working with people and different projects and we look forward to his “Get it done” attitude.  Chuck takes the lead in developing a better  driver training program and be one of the points of contacts for all drivers. 2016 will also bring him into the recruiting office working side by side with Lindsay on hiring drivers to join the haulers team!


gallupJim Gallup, Recruiting/Training

Employed Since: 2010


Jim started out at Caledonia Haulers driving for 6 years. He recently was brought into the office to work with recruiting/training/retention. He  brings with him years of experience working with our customers and equipment which we look forward to his “driver” insight.  Jim will be taking key role in implementing our new driver training program and will also be one of the key points of contacts for all drivers that have questions or concerns.


kraus,dawn Dawn Kraus, Operations Assistant

Employed Since: 2015

E-mail: dawnk@caledoniahaulers

Dawn brings years of experience with  support skills with her from a law office background and many  years of customer service. We welcome her to the Haulers Team! In her free time she enjoys snowmobiling wither her husband and son, playing cards and Camping with family and friends.



Zach - Operations / DispatchZach Mierau, Operations / Dispatch

Employed Since: November 2004


Zach got his start with Caledonia Haulers as a company driver. His father, a past driver for Caledonia Haulers, taught him to drive on weekends. Eventually, Zach went on the road before transitioning into dispatch in 2006. In 2007 he graduated from Winona State University with a business administration degree. On his days off, Zach enjoys being a husband, father, and occasionally helps his father-in-law farm.


Aaron - FreightAaron Folsom, Freight Coordinator / Dispatch

Employed Since: June 1993


Aaron has been an employee of Caledonia Haulers for over 20 years. Up until July of 2004, he was a dedicated company driver. Wanting to spend more time with his young family, he moved into the role of dispatcher, eventually adding freight coordinating to the list. In his off-time Aaron is a volunteer firefighter in Eitzen and enjoys time with his family. He has a positive attitude and is always willing to help other departments.


Daryl - FreightDaryl Pruka, Freight Coordinator / Dispatch

Employed Since: September 1994


In addition to Freight Coordinator, Daryl is known as our company prankster: with a good attitude and smile always on his face. Daryl has one of the longest daily commutes from Rushford, MN. He works well with customers and other team members to ensure that our operations work as smoothly as possible. A dedicated office member, he can also be found delivering a load if necessary. Daryl is a proud grandpa and enjoys spending time with his family and can also be found spending time cutting wood or occasionally riding his Harley Davidson.


Chris - DispatchChris Lueck, Dispatch/Driver Manager

Employed Since: October 1995


Shortly after being named our 2003 Driver of the Year, Chris joined the dispatch team in the summer of 2007. He has been employed at Caledonia Haulers since 1995 and in that time was also a “driver trainer” for several years. He can still be found driving milk route some weekends. He currently resides in Caledonia where you can often see him at local sporting events, camping, or attending truck and tractor pulls.


Allan - DispatchAllan Skalicky, Dispatch/Driver Manager

Employed Since: October 1997


Allan joined our dispatch team in 2011 after spending 13 years as an owner operator. His years of experience with customers, driving, and general business knowledge are a valuable asset to the company. He always seems to have a smile on his face and loves to laugh!



boeck,gGary Boeck, Dispatch/Driver Manager

Employed Since: October 2005


Gary started as a driver for Caledonia Haulers before moving into the dispatch department. He is very dedicated to his job and can also be found hauling loads if we need him.  Gary moved to Caledonia and in his off time travels back to Wisconsin to spend time with his family.



schiltzTony Schiltz, Dispatch/Driver Manager
Employed Since: 2014

Tony has returned to Caledonia Haulers after a few years away. He has been around Caledonia Haulers since back when we hauled livestock.Tony has excellent knowledge about many areas of the company and we look forward to having him move back into the position of dispatch while he stays involved with recruiting . When away from the office, Tony enjoys spending time with his wife, Carol and their 3 wonderful grandsons.  You may also find them touring around the area on their Harley.



strittmaterDon Strittmater, Dispatch/Driver Manager

Employed Since: April 2016

Don joined our team with a background in the automotive industry and customer service. His years of experience with customers and ability to learn quickly  are a valuable asset to the company. He always seems to have a positive attitude  and we look forward to working with him for years to come! when out of the office he loves spending time with his young family. You can also find him tending to their egg laying chickens !



Matt Foster, Dispatch/Driver Manager

Employed Since: January 2017

Matt is a Caledonia graduate and joined our team during a time of growth. His years of experience in customer service and parcel logistics will be a benefit to the company. He always seems to have a smile on his face and a good attitude.  We look forward to working with him for many years. When out of the office he enjoys spending time with family and friends.



JoelJoel Johnson, Wisconsin Dispatch/Driver Manager

Employed Since: September 2004


Joel came to the haulers during a buyout. He works out of a Darlington, WI location, dispatching approximately 22 Units. He also helps with managing the drivers and scheduling preventative maintenance for that group of equipment.



gavin,oleDean “Ole” Gavin, Route Driver Manager

Employed Since: May 1997


Dean is another son of one of the original owners. He has worked at the haulers several times over the years in different departments including driver, tank wash, mechanic, and currently the Milk Route Driver Manger.   He hauls milk whenever help is needed and he also can be seen doing breakdown recoveries if needed. In his rare spare time he enjoys spending time with his son.



LindaLinda Vinson, Director of Maintenance & Technology

Employed Since: January 2000


Born in Wisconsin, Linda moved to Caledonia and then joined our team in 2000. She oversees all areas of our maintenance department; including A/R & A/P, equipment analysis, warranty, shop programs and diagnostic tools. Linda also administers our PeopleNet GPS, parts of driver performance bonus, fuel tax, our company store, website, social media, and helps to organize company events. Linda has also in the last couple years taken on duties related to technology research and implementation.  Since 2009 she has been responsible for attaining 3 clean diesel grants and our SmartWay Transport Partnership. In her off time she enjoys flowers, photography, bow hunting, and spending time with her dogs . Member of Women In Trucking and  Founding Member of UMTC (Upper Midwest Trucking Connection).

betz,dustyDusty Betz, Service Manager

Employed Since: July 2006


Dusty actually worked at the Caledonia Haulers when he was in high school.  He went on to secondary education and then returned to Caledonia Haulers in 2006.  He was a fast learning and capable technician that fit in well.  Then in 2015, finding the need for help in the service and break down department, Dusty was promoted to a newly created service manager position. In his spare time you can find Dusty enjoying time outdoors with his  two children.


heberlein,gGary Heberlein, Breakdowns / Parts

Employed Since: September 1981


Gary is one of our most senior employees. Similar to many co-workers, he was born and raised on a working farm in the Caledonia area. Since attending diesel school he has seen and experienced many changes in the trucking industry. He is a man of many hats, helping with parts managemnt duties on a daily basis as well as a part-time mechanic, and the most time consuming job as break down troubleshooter. You can find Gary here late most evenings and some weeks. In his off time, Gary likes taking a spin in his classic Mustang with his wife, Polly or telling stories about their grandkids.

lord,petePete Lord, Parts Manager

Employed Since: July 2010


To help take some of the load off the busy maintenance office, Pete joined the team in July 2010. He comes to us with vast experience in the Ford Automotive industry. In his spare time you can find Pete enjoying time with his wife and grandchildren and occasionally camping on the weekend.



sander,sarahSarah Sanders, Parts/ServiceAssistant

Employed Since: January 2015


Sarah was hired to assist Linda and the entire maintenance administration department. She does daily data entry, receives parts and performs many other general office duties. In her time out of the office she enjoys working with her animals and the duties of the hobby farm.




 Caledonia Technicians : 

Scott Goetzinger, Russ Breeser, Buck Gavin, Paul Krueger, Jamie Roth, Zach Gavin, Leland Laumb, Brian Pohlman, Landon Lapham, Ethan Brink, and Lucas Nordsving. Part time/seasonal techs: Casey Eglington, Lucas Klug, Ted Barthel


cavanuagh,sSherree Cavanaugh, Payroll

Employed Since: November 2001


Sherree started working for us in our billing department for many years and now is in charge of weekly payroll.  She has what some consider the most important job. Sherree was born and raised in the Caledonia farming community and has many strong family ties to the area.She is married to Kurt and spends much of her time going to sporting events for her two young boys.



auge,dDarla Auge, Administrative Assistant / Creamery

Employed Since: January 2007


Another local gal, In addition to working daily with our milk plant operation, She works closely with payroll and accounting.  Darla is a woman of many hats and can also be found helping with creamery data entries,analysis, shop accounts, and our ” company store”.  A mother of three.  In her off time you may find her riding Harley with her husband Tim, chasing their 3 dogs,  or spoiling her adorable grandchildren.



burrichterEmily Burrichter, Accounting / Benefits

Employed Since: April 2011


Emily was raised on a farm in Dorchester, IA. She got her first touch of the trucking industry through her husband Matt’s truck repair shop. Emily obtained her Finance degree from UW-La Crosse and applies that knowledge as Financial Analyst, Benefits Manager and Payroll Assistant. In her off time, Emily enjoys spending time with her dogs, camping and spending time with Matt and their two sons.



hahn,jillJill Hahn, Billing Clerk

Employed Since: December 2012


Jill is another local, born and raised in the Caledonia area. She can always be found  with a positive attitude and smile on her face.  She receives the driver paperwork and is responsible for billing all our “non-route” loads to our customers.  Away from the office she enjoys camping with friends and spending time with her granddaughters.



Rich Mitts, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Dispatch/Driver Manager

Employed Since: March 2012


Rich came to us with the Schneider buy out. He is soon to be working out of our Cedar Rapids location. When he is not dispatching, he enjoys riding his Harley, watching his son Trevor’s sports events and daughter Caitlyn on the University of Iowa Rowing team. He is also a  27 year member of the  Clermont, IA fire dept.




Jason Foye, CR shop Supervisor   

Technicians:  Logan Ralston, Logan Foye