Milk Receiving and Transfer Services

Caledonia Haulers Milk Receiving/Transfer station is located within the Kosher Wash Facility. The highly trained and State Certified attendants move over 300,000 gallons of raw milk on a daily basis.

Our experienced staff maintains strict sanitation requirements that are inspected on an annual basis. We also offer the below items for your convenience:

  • Farm pick-up
  • Plant re-load
  • Transports available for short and long distance hauling
  • CIP clean system
  • Silo Capacity of 30,000 Gallons
  • Ice bank cooling plate
  • State inspected IMS approved reload
  • USDA inspected
  • Certified industry supervisor or beta-lactam testing of Grade A milk
  • Certified scale 24 hours a day
  • Three unloading pumps
  • One load out pump
  • Bio-trace machine for swab testing equipment
  • DMC all loads
  • MN Plant #27-192