Celebrating Our Drivers

Driver of the Year Award

2017Carey Wick of Gratiot, WI2007
2016Steve Winkel of Ashton, IA2002
2015Jeff King of Livingston,WI2011
2014Dean “Slim” Stennes of Mabel, MN2001
2013 & 2011Bill Hoffman of New Hampton, IA1998
2012Curt Schultz of Waterloo, IA2007
2010Lance Gray of Waukon, IA 
2009Tim Brown of Muscoda, WI2007
2008Albert Wickboldt of Winona, MN2000
2007, 2004, & 2002Ray Barker of Spring Grove, MN1995
2006Ken Mark of Waukon, IA1987
2005Joe Noia of Caledonia, MN 
2003Chris Lueck of Caledonia, MN1995
2001Robert Wedmann of Decorah, IA 

2018 Driver of the Month Award

Dec. – Nov. –Oct. – 
Sept. –Aug. – July – 
June –May – April – Corey King of Caledonia, MN
March –Feb. – Wayne Gelo of Lansing,IAJan. – Mike McDonnell of Lakeland, MN

2017 Driver of the Month Award

Dec. – Andrew Goggin of Pensacola, FLNov. -Bob Turner Jr. of Independence, IA Oct. – Tony Gonsalves of Cresco, IA
Sept. -Greg Erickson of Stewertville, MNAug. – Alan Rutledge of Adrian, MIJuly – Mike Wallin of Hartland, MN
June -Bruce Silvernale of Madison Lake, MNMay – Doug Brenke of Onsted,MIApril – Rodney Boggs of Fort Worth, TX
March -Larry Jones of Harpers Ferry, IA Feb. – Doug Brenke of Onsted, MIJan. – Pete Williams of St.Charles, IL

2016 Driver of the Month Award

Dec. – Kelley Werner of Owatonna, MNNov. – Shane Rislove of Rushford, MNOct. – Randy Johnson of New Richmond, WI
Sept. – Eric Nierling of Dubuque, IAAug. – Steve Winkel of Ashton, IAJuly – Howie Lampert of Brownsville, MN
June – Konan Anderson of Caledonia, MNMay – Scott Siegenthaler of Darlington,WIApril – Rey Coronado of Rochester, MN
March – Roger Lenz of Lansing, IAFeb. – Tim Auge of Caledonia, MNJan. – Greg Mitchell of Decorah, IA

2015 Driver of the Month Award

Dec. – Wayne Gelo of Lansing, IANov. – Hal Wilson of Elgin, IAOct. – Jerry Feranchek of Suring, WI
Sept. – Chad Mock of Mankato, MNAug. – Gary nation of Rushford, MNJuly – Joe Miller of Muscoda, WI
June – Chuck Christopherson of Caledonia, MNMay – Richard Protsman of Waukon, IAApril – Pete Williams of St. Charles, IL
March – Tom Shull of Clinton, WIFeb. – Damon Wolfe from Cedar Rapids, IAJan. – Daryl Twite of Caledonia, MN

2014 Driver of the Month Award

Dec. – Derrick Ouellette from Canterbury, CTNov. – Mike Mack from Caledonia, MNOct. – Terry Gruenberg from Browntown, WI
Sept. – Mike Wallin from Hartland, MNAug. – John Jesse from Janesville, MNJuly – Ted Thorson from Houston, MN
June – Richard Falls from Cedar Rapids, IAMay – Kent Warnke from Lakeville, MNApril – Eric Nierling from Durango,IA
March – Jeff King from Livingston, WIFeb. – Ivan Drake from Viroqua, WIJan. – Tony Gonsalves from Cresco, IA

2013 Driver of the Month Award

Dec. – Aaron Drinkall of Gurley, NENov. – Christine Stanko from Fennimore, WIOct. – John Tobar from Austin, MN
Sept. – Ray Mark from Houston, MNAug. – Mike VanNess from Danville, IAJuly – Ray Barker from Spring Grove, MN
June – Theron Hartsock from Keokuk, IAMay – Scott Siegenthaler from Darlington, WIApril – Brian Mueller from Westgate, IA
March – Lynn Meldahl from Rushford, MNFeb. – Rick Siegel from Oelwein, IAJan. – Gary Tuseth from Harris, MN

2012 Driver of the Month Award

Dec. – Jim Gallop from Mankato, MNNov. – Don Orth from Lansing, IAOct. Ken Mark from Waukon, IA
Sept. Greg Winkler from Monona, IAAug. – Mary Brown from Saint Louis, MOJuly – Steve Setterlund from Lone Rock, WI
June – Gary Boeck from Monroe, WIMay – Ronnie Sanders from Newville, ALApril – Mike Van Ness from Danville, IA
March – Dennis Gravos from Peterson, MNFeb. – Dale Goergan from Caledonia, MNJan. – Bill Ripley from Cashton, WI