The Professional Staff at Caledonia Haulers

Meet the Caledonia Haulers Team

CaledoniaHaulers Staff DennisGavin

Dennis Gavin

President / CEO

Employed Since: Jan. 1978

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507-725-9000 ext. 1111

Dennis has been with Caledonia Haulers since the company’s creation in 1958. His father, Joe Gavin, was one of the original founders of the company. As a youngster he worked in the shop learning the ropes. He moved to driving when he became of age, and then advanced to dispatching. Dennis became a stockholder in 1985, and he was promoted to President / CEO in 1995 and is now the sole owner as of 2013. Dennis is a very hand’s on owner who is involved with every aspect of the business. He always practices an “open door” policy and can still be seen driving truck when needed. Out of the office, Dennis enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends, and can often be found out at his farm.



Mark Conniff


Employed Since: Mar. 1993

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507-725-9000 ext. 1112


Sherree Cavanaugh

Payroll / Accounts Payable

Employed Since: Nov. 2001

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507-725-9000 ext. 1113

darla400x550 1

Darla Auge

Wash Payables / Admin Asst. 

Employed Since: Jan. 2007

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507-725-9000 ext. 1115


Emily Burrichter

Financial Analyst / Benefits/Routes

Employed Since: Apr. 2011

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507-725-9000 ext. 1114


Jill Hahn

Freight Billing Clerk

Employed Since: Nov. 2012

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507-725-9000 ext. 1116

CaledoniaHaulers Staff MaryEllenGoetzinger

MaryEllen Goetzinger

Routes / Admin Assist.

Employed Since: Oct. 2017

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507-725-9000 ext. 1103

megans 1

 Megan Sobieski


Employed Since: Sept. 2020

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507-725-9000   ext.1127

CH AshleyGavin

Ashley Gavin

Admin. Assist.

Employed Since: June 2013

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Safety / HR


Susie Heaney

Human Resources / Certified Director of Safety

Employed Since: Jan. 1997

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507-725-9000 ext. 1102


Lindsay Klug

Reception /Logs/ HR Assistant

Employed Since: Dec. 2015

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507-725-9000 ext. 1101

Recruiting/Driver Services


Al Skalicky

Recruiting / Training

Employed Since: Jan. 1998

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507-725-9000 ext. 1129

jim400 550 1

Jim Gallup

Recruiting / Lead Trainer

Employed Since: Apr. 2010

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507-725-9000 ext. 1110

amy400x550 1

Amy Molling

Recruiting/Driver Manager

Employed Since: April 2019

Email Amy

507-725-9000 ext.1126

Dispatch / Operations


Zach Mierau

Operations Manager

Employed Since: May 2006

Email Zach

507-725-9000 ext. 1107


Daryl Pruka

Freight Coordinator

Employed Since: Sept. 1994

Email Daryl

507-725-9000 ext. 1106


Gary Boeck

Load Planning Coordinator 

Employed Since: Oct. 2005

Email Gary

507-725-9000 ext. 1109


Tony Schiltz

Driver Manager

Employed Since: Mar. 2014

Email Tony

507-725-9000 ext. 1120


Don Strittmater

Driver Manager / IT

Employed Since: Apr. 2016

Email Don

507-725-9000 ext. 1122


Dawn Kraus

Operations Assistant

Employed Since: Nov. 2015

Email Dawn

507-725-9000 ext. 1123


Rich Mitts

Driver Manager

Employed Since: Mar. 2012

Email Rich

507-725-9000 ext. 1106


Charlie Reed

Driver Manager

Employed Since: Oct. 2020

Email Charlie

507-725-9000 ext. 1105

matt400x550 1

Matt Foster

Driver Manager

Employed Since: Jan. 2017

Email Matt

507-725-9000 ext. 1124

darylV 3

Daryl Vonderohe

Driver Manager

Employed Since: Sept. 2020

Email Daryl

507-725-9000 ext. 1108

konan400x550 2

Konan Anderson

Driver Manager

Employed Since: Jan. 2016

Email Konan

507-725-9000 ext. 1125


Chris Loppnow

Driver Manager

Employed Since: October 2020

Email Chris

507-725-9000 ext. 1128


Dean “Ole” Gavin

Route Driver Manager

Employed Since: May 1997

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IA & WI Operations


Chuck Mierau

Projects / H.A.C.C.P Team Leader

Employed Since: Sept. 2015

Email Chuck

507-725-9000 ext. 1121


Jason Foye

Cedar Rapids, IA

Shop Manager

Employed Since: Dec. 2013

Email Jason


CaledoniaHaulers Staff JoelJohnson

Joel Johnson

Darlington, WI

Driver Manager

Employed Since: Sept. 2004

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Tristan Breidenstein

Janesville, WI 

Shop Manager

Employed Since: Nov.2020

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Linda Vinson

Director of Maintenance / Technology

Employed Since: Jan. 2000

Email Linda

507-725-9000 ext. 1210


Dusty Betz

Service Manager

Employed Since: July 2006

Email Dusty

507-725-9000 ext. 1203


Gary Heberlein

Breakdowns / Parts

Employed Since: Sept. 1981

Email Gary

507-725-9000 ext. 1202


Pete Lord

Parts Manager

Employed Since: July 2010

Email Pete

507-725-9000 ext. 1204


Sarah Sander

Parts / Service Assistant

Employed Since: Jan. 2015

Email Sarah

507-725-9000 ext. 1209

CaledoniaHaulers Staff Technicians


Caledonia, MN

Scott Goetzinger, Russ Breeser, Buck Gavin, Paul Krueger, Jamie Roth, Zach Gavin, Leland Laumb, Landon Lapham, Ethan Brink, Lucas Nordsving, Jeff Torgerson, Tony Varney, Dylan Schultz and Casey Eglington

Cedar Rapids, IA

Logan Ralston & Isaac Brenneman


Tank Wash Staff

Caledonia, MN

Danley Johnson, Joe Taylor, Tom Linn, Dean Kerrigan, Kaleb Rank




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