Caledonia Haulers Awarded 2015 DERA Grant

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May 29, 2015




Caledonia, MN, May 29, 2015– Minnesota Pollution Control Agency awards Caledonia Haulers a 2015 DERA grant. This is the second time that Caledonia Haulers has been a MPCA grant recipient.

“ We’ve accomplished some great clean air benefits with our 2009 DERA grant we executed with the MPCA and we look forward to partnering with them again in

2015”….. Linda Joy Vinson (Grant administrator)

In accordance with Diesel Emissions Reduction Act guidelines, Caledonia Haulers’ application and project proposal in Category Two (2): Vehicle or Equipment Replacement was approved.

On-highway Diesel Vehicles:

Cover Up to 25 percent (%) of the cost of replacing an eligible vehicle with a vehicle powered by a model year 2013 model year or newer certified diesel, natural gas, or electric-diesel hybrid engine may be covered by the grant. The grantee is responsible for cost-sharing at least 75 percent (%) of an eligible replacement vehicle through a cash match. The replaced vehicle must be model years 1991 through 2003. Model years 1990 or older and 2004 or newer are ineligible for vehicle replacement.

Vehicle/Equipment Replacement Projects: The replaced vehicle/equipment must be scrapped or rendered permanently disabled within ninety (90) days of the replacement, or remanufactured to a certified cleaner emission standard.

If you would like more information about this release, please contact Linda Joy Vinson at 507-725-9027 or email at



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